Mac Desktop App

Mac Desktop App


1. Drag LifeAt to your "Applications." Click on LifeAt icon in the dock, then sign in or sign up


2. Click LifeAt icon at the top to open the menubar


3. Connect your calendar in the menubar

  • Once opened, connect your Google Calendar or Outlook Calendar
  • More instruction on how to connect calendar here

4. In your browser, choose which primary calendar you want LifeAt to connect to

  • For LifeAt to display multiple calendars, make sure your Google Calendar is subscribed to other calendars. Instructions here

5. *IMPORTANT* Make sure you check all the permission settings for your calendar to display properly on LifeAt


6. All done!

  • If your events are not showing up, try refreshing the browser or the app by pressing (Command+R)


📅 Why do I see a Google Auth error?
  • This can happen for a variety of reasons. When signing into your calendar, please make sure you grant LifeAt all the permissions we’ve asked for, otherwise parts of the app will not function.
    • If you gave all permissions, but are still encountering this error, please sign out of your calendar account and then sign back in. If this still does not resolve the issue, please reach out to us via email (
📅 How do I join a meeting?
  1. Open the calendar sidebar
  2. Click on a meeting/event, like the example event “Hello”
  3. image
  4. An info section will slide open on the top of the calendar sidebar, like:
  5. image
  6. Click “join” and your meeting will join
📅 How do I access multiple calendars?

You can see multiple calendars by making sure you subscribe to them via. Google here

  1. Select the calendar icon
  2. image
  3. Click on the calendar you want to see
  4. image
  5. Do you want to have overlapping events? This is an upcoming LifeAt pro feature 👀
📅 I connected my calendar but the events are not showing up?

⚠️ If you don’t see ANY events:

  • Click on the ⚙️ icon at the bottom
  • Sign out of calendar and sign in again
  • Make sure you check all the permission settings prompted by Google
  • Refresh the app by hitting command + R on keyboard

⚠️ If you only see SOME but not all of your events:

  • LifeAt can only read calendar events that you accept from your end

⚠️ If you don’t see new or updated events:

  • LifeAt syncs events from your calendar account every 60 seconds. If your events still are not syncing, please try signing out and back in to your account, and please reach out for support (
📅 How do I drag my tasks to calendar?

Grab the middle of the the task and drag it over to your calendar

📅 How do I switch my primary calendar?